De nieuwe Seiko Astron modellen komen november weer binnen vanaf € 1.795,-



Designed by watchmaker and engineer Michel Vermot in collaboration with the Haute Ecole Arc du Locle, the square wheel mechanism has taken years to perfect. As the gear profiles of non-circular wheels cannot, by definition, be regular, the principal challenge was to define the shape of the teeth in order to ensure constant power transfer. The wheels were made using LiGA technology—a revolutionary process that combines the techniques of photolithography and electroforming to make high-precision micro-components that cannot be made with traditional machining methods. The small-seconds display comes to life before your very eyes thanks to the steadfast, rhythmic movement of the square wheel with its geometric openwork. Its prominent phosphorescent corners serve as a reminder of time’s constant march onwards. The square wheel, whose corners and contours mesh with the same precision as its circular counterparts, is activated by a toothed clover-leaf wheel and turns continuously to create an extremely dynamic visual effect. In order to leave the seconds hand firmly in the spotlight, the hours and minutes are indicated by a simple central hands coated with Superluminova. A power-reserve indicator at 3 o’clock adds balance to the picture.

8400,- MP7158-SS001-900




A professional diving instrument that is water-resistant to 600 meters, the Pontos S Diver reinterprets the defining characteristics of the Pontos S line by adding a vintage touch to the retro design. Easy to wear and easy to read down to the smallest detail, this watch has all the features that will attract lovers of the ocean depths. A 43 mm diameter. Fashioned in stainless steel, the Pontos S Diver case is generously proportioned. Designed to professional specifications, it includes the essential requirement for a diving watch, a helium escape valve system at 9 o'clock that is completely automatic. Before returning to the surface to breathe in fresh air, professional divers first pass through a decompression chamber. There they breathe in a mixture of gases with a large proportion of helium, which can damage a watch

by seeping inside it due to the pressure difference between the gas trapped in the chamber and the outside air. The Pontos S Diver's helium valve thus prevents any irreversible damage to the timepiece. 

Ref. Nr: PT6248-SS001-330


Oris Aquis Depth Gauge

Diving Reaches New Depths

Renowned for producing specialist diving watches, Oris is proud to introduce the Oris Aquis Depth Gauge. At the forefront of mechanical watch innovation, Oris has harnessed its knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship to produce the first divers watch which measures depth by allowing water to enter the timepiece. This patented timepiece is the first of its kind to measure depth using a unique gauge built into the sapphire crystal, which allows water to enter the watch.

Ref. Nr: 01 733 7675 4154-Set



Oris Calobra limited edition

Breathtaking Refinement

Colobra is a small village thirty-two miles from Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The picturesque landscape is renowned for its weaving roads, with breathtaking corners, including the infamous 'Nus de sa Corbata' which translates as 'tie knot'. A haven for classic car enthusiasts, Oris is proud to be the official time partner and title sponsor of the 2013 classic Rally.

€3.000,-    Ref nr: 01774 7661 4484




Oscar Peterson Limited Edition Nr. 75

Klik HIER voor verdere specificaties van het horloge, een van de grootste jazzpianisten aller tijden, vormde samen met zijn werk de inspiratie voor niet één, maar twee Limited Edition Oris jazzhorloges. De Oscar Peterson Chronograph Limited Edition is een eerbetoon aan zijn vlekkeloze timing en precisie.

Dit nieuwe jazzhorloge, dat in samenwerking met Oscar Petersons weduwe Kelly Peterson werd ontworpen, weerspiegelt niet alleen de muzikale precisie van de artiest, maar bevat ook verschillende designkenmerken die verwijzen naar zijn leven in de muziek.

Oscar Peterson was vermaard om zijn ongekende beheersing van het gehele toetsenbord van de piano, maar bleef streven naar verbetering van zijn spel – zelfs nadat hij diverse malen was onderscheiden voor zijn virtuositeit. De Bösendorfer Imperial Piano, Oscar Petersons favoriete instrument, heeft 97 toetsen. In lijn hiervan zijn er slechts 97 stuks van deze Limited Edition geproduceerd.

Het horloge is niet alleen een chronograaf maar ook een gecertificeerde chronometer. Dit maakt het per definitie een horloge met extreem hoge precisie en nauwkeurigheid: een waardig eerbetoon aan een precieze en talentvolle pianist.

Het horloge wordt gepresenteerd in een luxueuze pianobox en zit boordevol subtiele designkenmerken: met recht een collector's item.


Speciaal voor ons 75 jaar jubileum in 2011 hebben wij het gelimiteerde model Nr. 75


Op de achterkant van het horloge staat een leeuw afgebeeld.

Het sterrebeeld van Oscar Peterson.




Limited Edition Nr. 75/100

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Prachtig zwitsers vakmanschap in dit skelet uurwerk

€ 5400,-



ORIS 99691

mod nr.73375897714

€ 1.700,-



Chronograaf Limited Edition 676 7603 4084 LS/MB

€ 2850,-


Oris Bob Dylan 0714/3000   



                                                     € 1480,-



Having first come to prominence in the sixties as the unofficial voice of a generation Bob Dylan is now regarded as one of the most influential and successful artists of all time. He sang his way into the hearts of millions with his distinctive voice and poetic lyrics. His creative legacy as a singer-songwriter, poet, musician, author and painter is extraordinary. Oris had the honour and the privilege of creating a limited edition watch for this singular artist.

The Oris Bob Dylan Limited Edition is a rectangular model with a distinctive black dial. The subtle relief pattern is reminiscent of the pop art movement of the Sixties - the time when Dylan first rose to fame. Dylan’s signature also appears on the dial whilst his portrait is engraved on the case back along with the limited edition number. The watch is presented in a box set with a greatest hits CD and a Hohner Marine Band Harmonica: Dylan’s favourite instrument.


Oris Dizzy Gillespie

A limited edition for one of a kind
Audacious and angular, this watch is dedicated to the co-founder of bebop and modern jazz. And there’s something of the showman about the watch, with its rectangular case based on the Oris Junior of 1970, improvised numerals, plaid-patterned dial, and smooth black gaucho leather strap. The watch is limited to 1917 units - the year of Dizzy’s birth.

€ 1080,-